On Thursday 10 May 2007 07:03:16 pm Nikhil Bysani wrote:
> I was just wondering how well 1280 x 800 resolution is supported
> (xorg/console), and if anyone was getting the Intel Wireless WiFi Link
> 4965AGN card to work in any way.  Thanks.

For the graphics, find out what graphics chipset your laptop uses, and compare 
that to the list of supported graphics chipsets.  You can find that list at 
xorg's website.

For the wifi, see the all-knowing handbook.  It will lead you to the ath 
manpage and the wi manpage.  From there, you'll find links to supported wifi 
chipsets from those drivers.

Then there is the ndis option, where you can wrap windows drivers, install the 
resulting module, and keep your fingers twisted...  It's all in the handbook, 
and you'll want to read the ndis man page as well.  

Good luck.



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