It is hardware but since you've already decided it isn't, this
post is probably a waste of electrons.

But for anyone else who is actually interested in troubleshooting
and not jumping to conclusions, the problem is the drive isn't
handling the full atapi command set properly.  The drivers work
around this to some extent, but is this really a problem, after all?
The system isn't panicing or crashing, and burning a cd is a
desktop application anyhow.

You can get a different CD-RW burner (Goodwill sells them for $5 a drive
nowadays) and find that some models work like this one, some work
perfectly, and some don't work at all.


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> Subject: cdrecord "hangs" system (while blanking cd)
> Hi!
> I was very surprised that when I`m useing cdrecord, (I`ve already tested
> that only when I`m doing some blanking)
> # cdrecord dev=0,1,0 blank=all
> all the system sticks, hangs,
> <> or
> ... I would say system is going into some mysterious state, like
> cdrecord swallows all resources,
> so I can do nothing, only can wait for cdrecord when it ends blanking.
> After cdrecord has done its work, system is back and running again as
> usual and I can run commands in shell again.
> I`ve already cheked with portaudit - no problems found in installed ports,
> also cdrtools which includes cdrecord is up-to-date.
> I`m sure my hardware is ok (IMHO), cos no other problems are known and
> system is running good.
> I`ve already tried to solve my problem and have one post here
> Any ideas?
> I`m running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE
> Celeron 1300.05-MHz 686-class CPU
> 256M RAM
> cd0: <SONY CD-RW  CRX230E QYS1> Removable CD-ROM SCSI-0 device
> Best Regards,
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> Edmunds
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