sendmail is much newer on 6.2, I would ask on the fetchmail mailing
list if I were you.  I've never used fetchmail myself, but I had
to make a number of changes in various scripts and such that communicated
with sendmail when I updated a server from 4x to 6x as they changed/broke
things in the newer sendmail.  (for security reasons no doubt)


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> Subject: Old 4.2 user, with 6.2 newbie questions
> I am in the process of moving from 4.2-RELEASE on an old box to
> 6.2-RELEASE on a new box (Core 2 Duo, DG965WH mobo, GeForce 7600gs,
> 1G RAM, 400G sata drive). I need to figure out a couple of userland
> changes to the default 6.2 installation which took about an hour and
> went great.
> I have a shell account on my isp which runs 4.10-STABLE. In my old 4.2
> box I have fetchmail set to log in, get mail and hand it over to local
> sendmail to put it in my local /var/mail/user directory on my old
> machine. I also use rsh (I know, don't) to log in to my shell
> account. I use my own sendmail to send mail out to various lists on
> the old box. I masquerade as my isp in sendmail, which puts the
> appropriate user name on my headers.
> Ok. In 6.2 box I've turned off local only mail (no and have
> sendmail maquerade working. I can send email out as a user, but I can't
> retrieve mail on my isp via fetchmail.
> I think ppp is configured correctly because I can telnet just fine to
> my shell account, but I can't rsh. It hangs after the password has
> been sent (yes you are not supposed to need a password with rlogin,
> but my isp uses one anyway for minium security). 
> If I am root and switch during rsh/rlogin login to my username, I can
> get a little further along. I get the first few system announcements
> on the shell server, and then the terminal hangs. I have to kill the
> rlogin PID to get back the ttyN terminal.
> There also seems to be buffer overflows or conflicts between the mouse
> (on a usb port, usm0), 56k modem (PCI, sio0 remapped to sio4?), and
> printer (lpt0). In ppp, I use /dev/cuad4, despite the fact the modem
> is reported in dmesg as on sio0. Whatever is going on at some lower
> layer, all these devices work with random messages about stray
> irq's---so I am ignoring them at the moment. In other words, I can use
> dial-up, the mouse works, and the printer prints (via lp). Seems good
> enough for the moment.
> There have obviously been changes to the 6.2 base install that I don't
> know about that probably account for some of these problems. 
> Unfortunately,
> most of these issues are no covered in the manuals that came with 
> the CDs, or
> the coverage was out of date
> Suggestions on where to look, things to check and change would be
> greatly appreciated. At the moment I am more interested in getting
> correct behavior, than I am concerned with security. 
> My first priority is getting fetchmail running. Here is the
> fetchmailrc dot file:
> defaults proto pop3 
> user mailname 
> poll 
> pass xxxxx 
> set daemon 840 
> As user, I can run fetchmail at the command line, without an error
> message, but it also doesn't get and deliver any mail. I can send
> email to myself, but I am sure it never leaves the machine. The
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] is correct---so sendmail masquerade is working. For
> example, sendmail does not write: [EMAIL PROTECTED], as it
> would without masquerade.
> I changed the permissions on sendmail back to:
> $ ll -r-sr-xr-x  1 root  wheel 583680 Jan 11 23:42  sendmail
> from 6.2 default:
> $ ll -rwsr-xr-x  1 root  wheel 583680 Jan 11 23:42  sendmail
> I've tried it both ways and niether seems to make any difference.
> My general impression is that 6.2 has set up restrictions or modified
> rsh and fetcmail---or perhaps these are fine, but don't interact well
> with older verisons, i.e 4.10. Although I can ftp to my shell
> and down load files. 
> Also I updated the ports via ftp as root, and everything took forever,
> but seems to work fine. For example I use Magicfilter which was not in
> the cd's, so from ports/printer, I downloaded Magicfilter, compiled
> and installed it and it works fine as a postscript filter for lpr. 
> I know these are quite a few questions, but any suggestions on any of
> them would be much appreciated.
> CG
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