Like the subject line?  Human nature being what it is, I've been
watching the list long enough to know a whopper like this will garner
replies ;)

Got me a coaster.  It's about a foot square and about 1.5 inches
thick.  If you reinstall every 3 months, it runs windows.  I know, I
should have spent $$$ on an asus instead of an hp, but like most
humans, I have more time than money, aparently.  Probably because I'm
duped into giving it to companies like HP.

If you put a *non* broadcomm minipci 802.11 card in it, it locks up
tight, with a cute little message about an unauthorized network card.
I've considered hacking my bios, but then considered that I might not
have *that* much time on my hands.

If you put a wi0 in the pccard, yes, it works fine (well before I
added ndis to loader.conf that is).  But, darn it, I'm allowed to be
bugged by something sticking out the side, no?

So, now to my real question:  any one have a bcmlw564_sys.ko file that
does not cause a panic on reboot?  Details appear to include "fpudna
in kernel mode" and "trap 12: page fault".  I can't say for certain,
becuase I'm not talented enough to get it to boot far enough to save a
dmesg.  Tried safe mode, single user, and console whereby I tried
"disable-module ndis".

My tone may be ironic, but bear in mind this episode (and many others
like it) has not made me hate BSD - it has made me hate HP, Broadcomm,
and Microsoft for having the &^#%@ to attempt to restrict my choices
of OS in such underhanded ways.


Steve Franks, KE7BTE
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