Chuck Grimes wrote:


> My first priority is getting fetchmail running. Here is the
> fetchmailrc dot file:
> defaults proto pop3 
> user mailname 
> poll 
> pass xxxxx 
> set daemon 840 
> As user, I can run fetchmail at the command line, without an error
> message, but it also doesn't get and deliver any mail. I can send
> email to myself, but I am sure it never leaves the machine. The
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] is correct---so sendmail masquerade is working. For
> example, sendmail does not write: [EMAIL PROTECTED], as it
> would without masquerade.

Fetchmail (new one that is) now can be ran in daemon mode so the
following has to be added into /etc/rc.conf:


The fetchmailrc file has to be owned by fetchmail:

# ls -al /usr/local/etc/fetchmailrc
-rw-------  1 fetchmail  fetchmail  6614 Feb 27 11:57 fetchmailrc

This is the syntax I use in fetchmailrc:

poll pop3.domain.tld proto pop3 no dns
     user "USERNAME1", with password "PASSWORD1", is "USERNAME1" here;
     user "USERNAME2", with password "PASSWORD2", is "USERNAME2" here;
     user "USERNAME3", with password "PASSWORD3", is "USERNAME3" here;

Some users aren't located on the same server. So I redirect their
correspondence with the help of /etc/mail/aliases:


> I changed the permissions on sendmail back to:
> $ ll -r-sr-xr-x  1 root  wheel 583680 Jan 11 23:42  sendmail
> from 6.2 default:
> $ ll -rwsr-xr-x  1 root  wheel 583680 Jan 11 23:42  sendmail
> I've tried it both ways and niether seems to make any difference.

For all of that, I didn't have to touch sendmail (apart from aliases).

Hopefully this will help you somehow.


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