In the last episode (May 11), Brett Glass said:
> Is there a command in FreeBSD that can be used to do an inverse ARP
> query (that is, supply a MAC address and have the device respond with
> its IP)? I have several hardware devices here whose IP addresses I do
> not know, but their MAC addresses are printed on the labels. To
> reprogram and reset them, I need their IPs so that I can get into
> them via a telnet or Web interrace. I could scan for the devices'
> addresses, but this would take months. But if they respond to inverse
> ARP queries, I can find out in an instant what their IP addresses
> are.

ports/net/arping should do what you want.  "arping aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff"
prints the remote system's IP address as part of its response string.

        Dan Nelson
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