Kris Kennaway a écrit :

On Sat, May 12, 2007 at 01:10:09AM +0200, Philippe Laquet wrote:

Dear All,

I a trying to get HAVP (it works almost well, great software!) but I 
also need to use the streaming option and it needs a FS mounted with 
mandatory locks. I did not found any option with UFS(2) and also tried 
with ext2fs loaded but the mount_ext2fs does not support "-o mand" ... 
Any idea?...

Why does it need mandatory locks?


   I don't even know - it uses a STREAMING for downlodaded objects to be
   scanned onto a dedicated mount point - it could be an internal feature
   of HAVP that needs mandatory locks. I am not sure. I just would like
   to know if any is available under FreeBSD - Instead, I am afraid I
   will have to ask the HAVP developpers directly (and the "why does it
   needs MAND" could have an answer ;))
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