Simon Castillo wrote:
Hi all:

I installed Freebsd ver 6.2 couple months ago in a Pentium III computer. I configured samba, gnome and couple other applications.
Couple days ago I decided to update the ports.  For this I use portmanager -u 
-l (after updating the port list).
Up to know, I was unable to kill this error and, in consequence, my samba 
server is not working.

Does anybody could help me to fix this problem? I don't know what else to do.

Thanks in advance

Read /usr/ports/UPDATING there is a significant change that may affect you and which in any case indicates it is a good time to update all ports:

  AFFECTS: users of devel/gettext (ie: YOU)

  As a result of the upgrade to gettext-0.16.1, the shared library
  version of libintl has changed, so you will need to rebuild all
  ports that depend on gettext (ie: most of them, sorry)

Partially upgrading can give some errors like the one you mention. Note: I don't say that your problem is caused by this upgrade, but you will resolve the problem and avoid future dependency problems if you update all ports.

Cheers, Erik

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