Friday, January 24, 2003, 4:08:19 PM, you wrote:

GJ> I want to have a web based e-mail service. So I don't have
GJ> to ssh to my computer all the time just browse a web page.
GJ> What I seen already is that IMP is a very good one. What do
GJ> you think of it? What do you use?
GJ> I have never used php and cgi things before, but these
GJ> things need it.  :((
GJ> I deleted these cgi releated things from my httpd.conf file.
GJ> And now I am in trouble. What parts should I add to my
GJ> httpd.conf file to make for example IMP work? And where
GJ> should I put the (IMP) files so I can access it throught the
GJ> internet? Because there is no index.html file in the
GJ> package.....

GJ> My http.conf file:

I believe IMP, part of the Horde framework (, uses
php4 so you'll need something like mod_php. The 'index' pages iirc are

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