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Hello again;
Is there software for ups auto shutdown and restart for use with a ups
system that has the capacity; I.E. a serial connection and references
in the manual to software (for Windows mostly) download? Currently
I have a Vesta Pro 600 unit. I had one made by Minuteman that crapped
out on me last night. It had been doing ok and was a replacement for one
made by Tripp Lite, which also failed permanently. I am running one desk
top FreeBSD system, headless but with high speed SCSI drives in addition
to the boot drive. I am away during the week for at least 8 - 9 hours during
the week and cant be there if the power goes down to shut the system
down before the ups exhausts its battery.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Jeff K.

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Aloha Jekillen,

I had a similar problem here in Hawaii with our 2 noc servers. I replaced the small UPS battery with a 100 amp stationery battery out side the box. It now will run for about 10 hours if we have a power outage for that long.

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