On Sunday 13 May 2007 07:17:14 pm Aftab Jahan Subedar wrote:
> Would it recharge the battery fully after discharge? I dont think so.
> So you got to  recharge the external battery EXTERNALLY after power
> failure.

What's wrong with that?  Trickle-charge the battery and ride the computers 
from the battery at the same time...  That's an uninterrupted power supply.  
A voltage regulator, converter, and a few filters will give you a clean, 
constant supply.  It will last longer, and it's a lot cheaper in comparison.

Actually, this is a project of mine that's been on the back burner for years 
now.  I'd like to add a network interface for remote controls, some health 
checking, and test modes, but would have to incorporate an embedded processor 
(serial port and/or USB interfaces are just as possible).  

Being that I've never messed with such, any suggestions as far as a good 
processor to start with?  It doesn't necessarily have to be a processor that 
will do the whole kit-n-kaboodle.  Right now, I'm just looking for something 
I can learn the basics with.

I know it's not a BSD-related question, but I figured I'd ask anyway.




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