Dear Sirs/Madam


The above named site goes live on 1st February 2003, we are looking for 
web sites to help us promote ours.

We believe after reviewing your site  
you may benefit from this request

If you put our logo in a prominent position (with hyperlink ) on your 
web site, every time an order is completed and paid for from your 
referral, we will pay you a commission of 0.15 euros, although the 
commission itself does not seem much if we recive  100  orders from 
your referrals a total of 15.38 euros will be sent to you. The more 
hits your web site takes the more chances of a referral and commission. 
Payments will be made only when the total commission due is 15.38 euros 
or more however there is no time scale.

To activate this all you need to do is copy our logo and add  a 
hyperlink to 

Reply to this email with the url were the link is situated and send us 
your postal address 

Or call me on 07766 768389

Our systems will cross-reference the referral and log each order to 
your account.

We at Interhoney are proud of the work and effort gone into producing a 
good clean site and an honest and fast service I hope you will support 
us. We will of course support you with a reciprocal link.

Kind Regards

Richard Halsall

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