> Im getting ready to go with our FreeBSD production mail server and Ive been
> reading that to optimize network mbufs, specify the NMBCLUSTERS options in the
> kernel.  Ive read that setting this to a quarter of your physical RAM on this is
> the way to go, or devising a number from a mathematical equation based upon your
> maximum number of connections at peak (meaning, 800 connections at peak equals
> an NMBCLUSTER of 25600, or mathimatical breakdown 800 connections X 32K per
> session = 25600KB)
> Does anyone have a good way to devise a number for this, or is it really even
> needed?  Ive a GB of memory in a Compaq DL320.  The FreeBSD handbook says
> typically this is set to 1024 - 4096, adding to my confusion of what I need to
> set this to, if anything.
> Thanks in advance for any insight,

I don't have a good way to figure out what it should be, but I can
make the process of changing it a lot easier.

You don't need toset NMBCLUSTERS in the kernel. You can change the
number in /boot/loader.conf like so:


You still have to reboot the system, but you can continue running the
same kernel.

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