On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 12:06:11AM -0500, Jim Trigg wrote:
> (Note: the first two tries at sending this apparently got eaten by the
> ether... in case they show up, please know that I am now subscribed to
> the list.)
> I am having problems building the cyrus-sasl2 port on 4.7-RELEASE; no
> matter how I attempt to override it, it keeps deciding that the
> gssapi-dir should be /usr/local instead of /usr.  (When I built world
> for 4.7, it placed the Heimdal-style gssapi libraries in /usr/lib, but
> the cyrus-sasl2 port keeps trying to link with nonexistent MIT-style
> gssapi libraries in /usr/local/lib.)
> How can I convince cyrus-sasl2 that I really do have Heimdal-style
> libraries in /usr/lib?

I have found the answer; unfortunately, there's no easy way to fix it at
the port level.  (I have submitted the fix to the cyrus-sasl2 folks.)

Short form: configure needs to be regenerated in the top-level and
saslauthd directories after adding two lines to the aclocal.m4 files, to
have LIB_CRYPT defined before the GSSAPI checks are made.

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