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David Landgren wrote:
I have a disk that has only FreeBSD on it, and so I would like to
skip the initial F1/FreeBSD prompt. boot0cfg -v ad0 says:

default_selection=F1 (Slice 1)

... what do I have to do to say JFDI instead of prompting? This is not the sort of thing I want to fiddle around experimenting, so a
little guidance would be most appreciated.

fdisk -B -b /boot/mbr /dev/ad0

You installed the FreeBSD boot sector stuff, which gives you the
'press F1' business. Replace that with the standard mbr, which just
boots straight up.

Rather than replacing it, you can use boot0cfg to set a really short timeout instead; in case you might want that functionality one day.

Heh. It's not like you only get one chance to rewrite the boot blocks on any particular drive. If anyone needs to (re-)install the FreeBSD
blocks, then you can do very simply it by:

   boot0cfg -B -b /boot/boot0 /dev/ad0

or even

   fdisk -B -b /boot/boot0 /dev/ad0

Or if you need to boot from a serial console you can change / boot/boot0
to /boot/boot0sio

Sure, but why get rid of it, when leaving it in with a short timeout
costs you nothing.

A fair point, but in this particular case, FreeBSD is the only thing on
the drive, and likely to remain that way until the disk dies of
mechanical failure. I just don't need that prompt, especially the
annoying beep it makes.
The beep was removed since May 2006 (6.2-RELEASE, 6-STABLE, HEAD).
A simple
#boot0cfg -B /dev/adX
should get rid of it.

I thought I remembered that! Wasn't it removed to reclaim a couple extra bytes? :-)

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