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I got a low key server who is wirelessly connected to the net using an SSID that contains a space. In rc.conf I define the ifconfig line for configuration of my wireless interface upon bootup, but the entire line reads something like

ifconfig_ath0=' inet ssid "my network" '

No matter how I tweak the quotes (single then double, other way round, with lots of \\) I never get my interface to configure properly upon bootup and I need to get to the console to fix it up. I thought I knew shell syntax but this is beyond me or manpages...

What's the right way to do this?

I think the "right way" is to use wpa_supplicant.conf to define wireless networks. Then in your rc.conf you prefix the NIC configuration with WPA like this:

ifconfig_ath0=="WPA DHCP"

This method also allows you to define various wireless networks if needed.

Cheers, Erik

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