On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 04:27:01PM -0500, Phusion wrote:
>  I need some advice on how to backup a UNIX server. The server has
>  multiple large partitions ranging from 200 to 400 GB. Also, the server
>  doesn't have a tape drive. We recently got a large NAS device that has
>  2 TB of storage space. The UNIX server has Samba installed and can be
>  setup to mount a Windows network share. I would like the ability to
>  run full and incremental backups as well as restores. Let me know what
>  you think.

Use dump(8) (with the -L flag!) and bzip2(1) to write compressed dumps
to the NAS (which should be mounted, of course). If you do it in a cron
job at night, no one will be bothered by it. Don't bother with bzip2 if
most of your data is already compressed, like photos, videos, zip files 
or mp3.

I've written a small shell-script that does just that. Mail me if you
want it.

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