In the last episode (May 16), Nino Ivanov said:
> I am still a newbie in some respects, so maybe this idea is a moot
> point or done already, but in case it is not, I'd like to suggest it:
> One nice thing about unix is this piping, like programX | programY |
> programZ...
> Well, I just thought: Wouldn't it be interesting if this were
> possible - in the same simplicity - over several machines as well?
> Like, something similar to: machine1:programX | machine2:programY |
> machine3:programZ... Machines could be identified by a name or an
> IP-Address.

If you have ssh configured to allow passwordless logins (either via
.shosts or key-based authentication), this works as you would expect:

  ssh machine1 programX | ssh machine2 programY | ssh machine3 programZ

Just remember to quote any file redirection or wildcard characters that
you want the remote systems to process.

        Dan Nelson
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