> Also, dump/restore allows you to use snapshots on a live filesystem (I would
> test it properly on a large FS with heavy activity). 

But it's worth pointing out that this is fully possibly with any backup
tool - just run mksnap_ffs and backup a mounted snapshot. I do this with
rdiff-backup for example.

> Now, if you are worried about "backing up the whole filesystem"...well, just
> tell dump not to dump it :)
> man chflags (in particular, the nodump flag)
> man dump (in particular, -h )

The problem with this is for me two-fold:

(1) It's a global property. I can't take different backups that
include/exclude different things.

(2) I can't easily express "backup /usr/var/db/my-important-database"
without seting "nodump" on a bunch of stuff except that. In other words,
I want exclude by default, while dump and the chflags system provides
include by default.

That said I do like dump's integration with snapshots and overall
coherent feeling. If backup diskspace and bandwidth was not a concern
I'd use it.

/ Peter Schuller

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