On Thu, 17 May 2007, Matthew Seaman wrote:

Duane Hill wrote:

I have a server that, at first, required 5.5 because of the MTA that was
running on the server. It no longer is running that particular MTA
anymore. I need to upgrade the server to release 6.2.

Is it just a matter of changing the release tag within the cvsup file
from RELENG_5_5 to RELENG_6_2, removing the contents of /usr/src/*,
removing the contents of /usr/obj/*, and doing a clean cvsup?

Pretty much.  You don't actually need to delete /usr/src/*, and not
doing so will save you some bandwidth.

You should be able to upgrade the system by a routine buildworld,
buildkernel ... type operation, but beware that you will need to
recompile all of your ports because of potential shlib version
clashes.  Ports from 5.5 will still work on 6.2, but later trying to
update them piecemeal can lead to misery.

I'm using portupgrade. So I will use the switches force a reinstall and to act on everything that depends on the reinstalled port (-fr).
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