Thanks for the suggestions.

That's right, I'm not using DHCP.

I searched through /etc and /usr/local/etc for calls to hostname and for the
string and all I found was a call to the command "hostname"
in /etc/ and my setting of the hostname variable in /etc/rc.conf.
After perusing /etc, apparently is called by /etc/rc after
sourcing rc.conf and this is how the hostname in /etc/rc.conf becomes the
hostname of the machine. So that appears to be fine.

Perhaps another tack, what is the last script executed during boot up? If I
add a line like "/bin/hostname" to /etc/rc.local should
this force the hostname change?


On 5/17/07, Mark Tinguely <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I understand DHCP setting the hostname, which you are not using.
I understand DNS or /etc/hosts reporting the old name on the network,
but it should not effect hostname.

I would look for the old name:

        # grep -r /etc

--Mark Tinguely

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