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On 2007-05-17 16:50, Eric Mesa wrote:
> Chris Slothouber wrote:
>> On 2007-05-16 19:41, Eric Mesa wrote:
>>> Just acquired an old computer from someone and want to put
>>> freeBSD on it.
>> (snip)
>>> acd0:  FAILURE - READ_BIG ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x64 ascq=0x00 5.
>>> Then it gives me:
>> Hi Eric,
>> Have you tried disconnecting the CD drive and doing an FTP install?
>> - Chris
> That still leaves me at mountroot> prompt and I have no idea what to
> do there.

What are the errors presented before that?

It sounds like it can't mount the kernel floppy image for whatever
reason.  I'd have to suggest that you've try other floppy disk drives
and disks to rule out those as points of failure.

Also think of the drive that you used to make the floppy diskettes.
Since floppies rely on an magnetic medium, with heads to record a stream
of data across the surface, certain types of alignment issues can occur.
  Think of this like a cassette tape recording that sounds fine in your
stereo at home but has a horrible hissing sound in your car.  Or even
the white 'noise' with rented video cassettes, where one must adjust the

I wouldn't give up on this yet but certainly try other floppy drives in
both ends and different diskettes.  You could even try using the *same*
floppy disk drive to make the floppy disks in another computer and
re-transplant it back into the target machine.

I hope these suggestions help!

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