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smartmontools isn't the appropriate program

you need to use a program called idacontrol

get it from ftp.jurai.net/users/winter/idacontrol.tar

More on PR i386/70482

Use smartmontools on ATA disks.  Your 360 uses SCSI disks
on a proprietary controller which doesen't support the interface
needed to run it.

Thank you Ted, idacontrol works fine and returns some usefull information about 
the attached disk drives. 

I also found this suggestion interesting: 

#define IDA_QCB_MAX = 128 instead of 256

in sys/dev/ida/idavar.h

because one of my DL360's resets itself about once a month with a very similar 
error as mentioned in thread

ida0: soft error
ida_command: out of QCBsida0: ida_timeout() qactive 256
ida0:   R_CMD_FIFO: 00000000
         R_DONE_FIFO: 00000000
         R_INT_MASK: 00000000
         R_STATUS: 00000000
         R_INT_PENDING: 00000000Nick

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