Hello all

I would like to thank david.robillard and j65nko for their
efforts in trying to help with this problem.

I finally got a working solution. The problem is not
"scponly" nor "rssh" but the CHROOT jail implementation in
FreeBSD 6.2, since the ONLY solution to both problems are
solved by a series of commands to enable a proper
"/dev" subdirectory inside the jail..

RSSH works ver good for a SCP, SFTP, RSYNC only environment..

Solution at:

best regards,

David Robillard wrote:
I can´t seem to make scponly work with a chrooted jail. I´ve
read many articles on how FREEBSD´s scripts on making jails
really don´t work and a manual mknod of $jail/dev/null must
be done, but it still does´t work...

I´d appreciate any help

You might want to check out the port shells/rssh instead of shells/scponly.


I'm not sure it does exactly what you're looking for, but it has
similar features as scponly.



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