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Ok, I'm reading through the web link you sent.  I see in section
23.4.1 the steps are:

# make buildworld
# make buildkernel
# make installkernel
# reboot

<reboot to single user mode that is>

# mergemaster -p
# make installworld
# mergemaster
# reboot

I did these steps then, and I'm still getting the missing audit group
errors.  What is this audit group, what's its function, etc.?  Since
nothing of "world" has been installed yet, can I simply erase /usr/src
and replace with the 6.0-RELEASE cd's, which I have, and then do the
cvsup once again.  This time doing a mergemaster *before* I buildworld
and then installworld?


In /usr/src/UPDATING you can find.

The 'audit' group was added to support the new auditing functionality
        in the base system.  Be sure to follow the directions for updating,
        including the requirement to run mergemaster -p.

Either you add the group manually or you make sure to use mergemaster
and merge the required files _correctly_.

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