Hi all:

Finally all my ports are updated and running (thanks to all that responded to 
my first question).  After I finished I launched Gnome and every things looked 
ok until I tried to adjust the time.

I had this error:

"The configuration could not be loaded"

Searching on the web, I found  couple links that refer to the problem.

Mainly, I refer to this: 

I followed the suggestions without any success.

I think that I noted is when I launched gksudo users-admin I have this error:

(users-admin:926): Liboobs-WARNING **: There was an unknown error communicating 
with the backends: The name org.freedesktop.SystemToolsBackends was not 
provided by any .service files

I checked the configuration and I enable dbu within rc.conf. I reboot and I 
still have the same problem.

I re-checked my ports to be sure that I didn't miss any update and so far all 
are ok.

Any ideas on how to fix this error on Freebsd?

Thanks in advance

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