Erik Norgaard wrote:
Joseph Marah wrote:
Does anyone know if this is available for FreeBSD as a port?  Thanks.

I have just received a message on the ports list that xorg 7.2 has been merged into the ports tree:

"As you may already know, the X11 team has been working hard for the past few months to upgrade ports to 7.2. After a couple of weeks of testing, we've finally committed this upgrade. We also decided to make the PREFIX merge at the same time (moving X11BASE into LOCALBASE), which explains why there are thousands of ports affected by this commit."

In other words, if you upgrade you need to rebuild most of your system, see UPDATING.

Cheers, Erik

(sorry for cross-posting, but this is relevant to ports@ too)

Please be aware that the portsnap snapshot hasn't been updated yet to include the 7.2 addition, if you use portsnap. I need to try cvsup as well to see if the modifications outstanding with the cvsup servers too.

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