At 5:42p -0400 on 19 May 2007, Arvee Klesk wrote:
Hi list. When a password is send (via a POP3 session without SSL, or without
establishing a secure connection) it can be retrieved by the ISP, or
somebody ahead, right. AFAIK, making an SSH session to a server and
forwarding, for instance, port 110 (POP3) to the SSH session, or some other port / application, passwords and / or traffic cannot be retrieved as easy
by proxy servers or sniffers.

So my question is what happens in the SSH server then, the traffic can be analyzed on that side? Really I don't know what happens when traffic reach the SSH server and keep their way.

Sounds like your asking "How does ssh work?" I'm not sure at what level you're asking this question, but let me point you to a couple of websites and perhaps you can figure out what you need, or come back with a more direct question. exactly-work.html

You might also Google for the keywords "trusting trust" and "Ken Thompson"


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