On Sunday 20 May 2007 18:25:45 Peter Schuller wrote:
> > vidcontrol: getting active vty: Inappropriate ioctl
> > for device
> >
> > I have this entry in the ~/.bash_profile file:
> >
> > vidcontrol lightcyan
> vidcontrol is trying to affect the system console, and does it by
> manipulation file descriptor 0 (stdin). If you are logging in at the
> user in question at the console it should work. But in X it won't.
> You can make it do what you ask to the system console with:
>    vidcontrol < /dev/console
> But that will require root privileges.

I've something like

if [ $TERM = "xterm" -o $TERM = "xterm-color" ]; then
        export TERM="xterm-color"
elif [ $TERM = "cons25" ]; then
        vidcontrol -r yellow black green black

in my ~/.zprofile. But you need to change "cons25" to terminal type
that corresponds your console (echo $TERM in console).
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