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On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 11:03:25AM -0500, Edward Ruggeri wrote:

My system randomly reboots, usually in the evening. It is definitely not a
 soft reboot, since the filesystems don't get properly dismounted.  My
 suspicion is that it is a heat related issue -- I do leave the computer
 running just about all day long, and it has started to get warm.  Then
 again, it's coolest in the evening...

Try and install the mbmon port, and see if it works on your machine. If
so, start a cron job that appends mbmon output to a file say every 15
minutes. If it's a heat buildup issue in a monitored component, it would show.

I wonder though. My machine usually doesn't need a day to heat up after
a cold start. An hour or so usually suffices.

Other causes could be a spike in the line voltage due to a large device
switching on or off nearby. Or an underrated power supply overloaded
through a cron job.


Thanks for the ideas, Roland (and Tamouh)! I forgot about the possibility of power issues. I do have an Antec power supply, 500W, which certainly doesn't mean it isn't the problem, but it _ought_ to be able handle this system...

But here's what I get if I run mbmon.

%mbmon -A -t -r 1
TEMP0 : 39.0
TEMP1 : 34.0
TEMP2 : 25.0
FAN0  :    0
FAN1  : 5818
FAN2  :    0
VC0   :  +1.28
VC1   :  +1.50
V33   :  +3.30
V50P  :  +4.97
V12P  : +11.13
V12N  : -11.52
V50N  :  -3.76
Sun May 20 12:32:10 CDT 2007

That CPU temp is at about 97% idle -- high, no? The voltage on the 12V lines seems pretty bad, and especially so on the -5V line. Should I trust the sensors and think about a new PSU? In the meantime, I'll write to a file, and see if it records a dip in power before the next reboot.

-- Ned Ruggeri
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