On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 01:49:01PM -0500, Edward Ruggeri wrote:
>  Athlon X2 4200+ proc (2.2GHz, maybe?)
>  DFI nF4 infinity SLI motheboard
>  G.Skill RAM (2GB)
>  Antec True Power II (550W)
>  I'll use MemTest or somesuch to test my RAM latter today for errors.
>  The drives sit right infront of the air-intake fans for the system, so 
>  there's a breeze that flows by them constantly.  However, additional cooling 
>  certainly might be necessary.  Perhaps, it is possible that rTorrent is 
>  doing a lot of reads and writes to the drive, stressing it, which may be why 
>  the problem seems to have come up around the time I started using rTorrent.

If you suspect rTorrent, try switching it off for a couple of days.

If you have the cpufreq(4) driver in your kernel, you can activate
powerd(8) in rc.conf. That will reduce the CPU speed it the system is
idling, keeping everything cooler.

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