On Sunday 20 May 2007 18:58:09 you wrote:
> Dantavious wrote:
> >     Hi,
> > I was wondering if you had any specific guidance on the upgradeing of
> > Xorg and all the ports that depend on it.  The UPDATING file only
> > contains instructions for portupgrade.
> > Thanks for assistance in this matter.
> In theory you could just use the equivalent portmaster commands, but
> you'd want to use the new version, which you can find at
> http://dougbarton.us/portmaster. There are a couple new features, like
> -R, --force-config, and -x that you might want to read the 'portmaster
> -h' output about.
> I'll have something more specific after I've more thoroughly tested
> the new version, and have had a chance to test the upgrade myself.
> Doug

Cool, I will hold off until you have tested it and provide feedback. I dont 
want to jack anything up or waste my time doing something wrong.
Thanks for the quick reply.
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