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> Greetings all,
> I regularly find my computer is bumped off the net - on the Windows
> OS I see a regular notification of re-connection. On My linux box I
> need to 'sudo pppoeconf' to reconnect. The FreeBSD handbook deals
> rather scantily with PPPoE, and I can find nothing much on googling.
> Any ideas how best to a) prevent being kicked off and b)
> reconnecting. At the moment I simply do 'sudo ppp -ddial internet' to
> be reassigned and all works well ... for a while. The best response
> is to leave FreeBSD and  connect on re-entry into the OS. There has
> to be a better way.

I'm not sure there is, I've had a similar problem like this before,
and I got around
it by writing a simple script that would try and ping a local site 4
times, and if no
responses got back it would killall ppp and delete the default routes
and tell ppp
to reconnect. It worked quite well when put into cron to run at 1
minute intervals.
You could also try Roaring penguin PPPoE and see if you have any success with

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