Chad Perrin wrote:
On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 08:09:19PM -0400, Tamouh H. wrote:
On the other hand, Windows has the ability to change the administrator user or completely 
disable it. Something not available in Unix systems. For example, a cracker or hacker 
targeting UNIX system will automatically try to compromise the "root" user. It 
is 100% guaranteed to be there. On the other hand in Windows, good sys admins will rename 
or complete disable the administrator user hence making it more difficult to know the 
administrator user.

Actually . . . technically, root users can be renamed and can, in many
ways, be disabled.  They can certainly be made inaccessible remotely.

That can break many scripts though, can't it, if the dev improperly looks up the name, not the UID?

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