Hello list,

I've some problems with two dell sc1425, using two u320 scsi hardisks,
freebsd 6.1, gmirror raid1 mounted at /, a dual core xeon 3.2ghz:

- the production server started to get really really slow last week
  and started to print those [0] messages to dmesg
- after I rebooted that server it seemed to work normally
- yesterday it freezed or was extremly slow:
   * no services via tcp where reachable
   * it was still reachable via icmp
   * it was *not* possible to login via console
   * it was possible to switch virtual consoles
   * after rebooting it, it hung in the fsck, which did not print any
     status messages
   * we rebooted it in single user mode, where we could see the fsck
     doing its work
   * we rebooted it then again in normal mode and after short time for
     fsck it is up and running again

I am wondering whether this is a hardware or software problem. The
system is a heavily used mailserver offering

I am currently somehow deterred to continue using this server, so any
hint how to debug this issue are appreciated.



[0]: http://home.schottelius.org/~nico/unix/freebsd/dmesg-systems-hanging

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