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> On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 07:33:14AM -0700, Chuck Grimes wrote:
>> enabled in inetd.conf. 
>> My problem is that using the modem to connect to my isp, I can not get
>> fetchmail, rsh, rlogin, or ftp to work. They all start just fine and
>> then hang. I have to kill the user1 to get the tty1 back. 
>> I set this new box (6.2) up with a network connection to my old box
>> (4.2) as a gateway. When the 4.2 box connects to the isp, I can use
>> rsh, rlogin, fetchmail from the new box using the old box as the
>> connection. This implies there is something wrong with the new box
>> serial connection to my isp. 
>> However, from the new box (6.2) after starting the dial up connection
>> on the serial port, I can use telnet to get to the isp shell account.
>> What is the difference between how rsh uses the various ip/tcp
>> protocols and how telnet? 
> Sounds like a routing problem to me, i,e., your ISP is part of a local
> network connection (so you can telnet to it) but your ISP's gateway is
> not set as a default route on the 6.2 box like it is on the 4.2 box.
> HTH,
> Steve

Thanks for the response. Sorry about my long delayed response. I
worked most of Saturday playing around with ppp and various options in
rc.conf trying to narrow the problem down to some kind of route
problem. In the process I did find some routing problems and fixed

But there was no improvement in the failure to keep an rsh or
ftp session going over a serial port connection with my isp.

I am going to start another thread under the title ``sio problems?''
and try to figure out what's wrong with my serial port. I suspect
while sio4 works enough to start a link with my isp, it somehow
fails at some point. I think the problem is the serial port
configuration. I suspect the swap during bootup sio0 -> sio4 is the
heart of the problem.

With that in mind, I think you are right about a routing problem in
the sense that the mapping of physical serial device (modem) to its
virtual serial device (sio0 -> sio4) is mixed up somehow and that in
turn creats the effect of a routing problem. 

Even if a fixed serial port system doesn't help, at least it will be
one more problem fixed.


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