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> I have been having some trouble with getting NIS working on my freebsd
> server. Mainly because I have never before used this.
> I now have it working, but there is an odd inconsistency which I don't
> know how to remove/update.
> I changed the gid of a user with: 'pw usermod -n sam -g 1000', but
> this change is not reflected in the yp maps. I did recreate the maps
> again with 'ypinit -m', but I guess that was not the trick I needed to
> update the maps.
> So, now when I run 'ypcat passwd', I see something like this:
> sam:*:1000:1001:Sam Genter:/home/sam:/usr/local/bin/bash
> while I also see this: 'id sam'
> uid=1000(sam) gid=1000(sam) groups=1000(sam), 100(users)
> The difference is thus the gid.
> I can find information about updating/pushing the maps onto slave
> servers, but not about getting changes into the maps on the sole nis
> server I have.

This depends on where the sources for the maps are stored on the
master.  If NIS on the master is not getting its data directly from
/etc/master.passwd, then I think you need to give the "-y" option to
the pw(8) command to get it to change the maps.

[Or you can just edit the files directly.  That's what I do on my
(very small) home network.]
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