On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Jason Morgan wrote:


yes - why not. I do the same here on our net with IPFW count
rules. In this way I divided those rules to monitor different
subnets, protocols and I also monitor the bandwidth usage
for some services. All this informations gets then piped
through MRTG (www.mrtg.org) and produces some nice graphs - showing
the used bandwidth.
On the other hand it might be enough for you, if you only see
what actually happened by watching the rules manually - in other
words - get the output mailed from time to time.

Maybe someone has a clue, if a lot of count rules (I mean really lots
of them) have any 'bad' side effects on performance. So far I don't
see problems with around 80 rules on PII400/128MB counting traffic
from/to upstream (2.3Mbit/s) via 100MBit/s interfaces in this box.
I think of doing accounting here for a /22 net (atm this is done
by a linux box with ipac).

Best regards,

Frank Reppin

Heidestr. 15
39112 Magdeburg

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