On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 01:23:02AM +0300, Ghirai wrote:
> > That's a lot. Are you doing anything to make it work hard? Such a
> > constantly high CPU usage is not normal, IMHO. Unless you're doing
> > something wacky like running xearth or xlock on your root window.
> > You can try to renice(8) the X server. That might make it less jerky.

> No, i'm not doing anything at all.
> KDE loads up, and after about 10 seconds (of me doing
> nothing), xorg starts to use CPU, without any reason
> (and no HD activity).

Well, KDE isn't exactly a fetherweight. :/

> I tried it a couple of times, every time the same.
> I renice-ed it, no use.

It wouldn't help with CPU usage, but it might implrove the jerkiness.

> Are there any alternatives to powerd?

Not that I know of. 

I don't see an obvious connection between powerd and the X server. Maybe
you should ask on the freebsd-x11 list.

Or you can run powerd in the foreground, and test it with several
parameters, especially -i and -r.

Run iostat to see if the time is spent mainly in system or interrupt
mode. If so, use ktrace on the X server for a while, and then use kdump
on the trace file to see what it's been doing.

> Also checked logs, nothing at all.


> Oh, and thanks for your time :)

You're welcome!

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