I just upgraded my box here at home last night and I made a little
mistake (fortunately, not one large enough to keep things from
working).  I updated my source tree to 6.2-RELEASE-p4 and did the
"make buildworld" and "make buildkernel."  Then I dropped to single
user mode to do the installs for both.  At the end, as per some
instructions from a friend, I did "mergemaster -i -a".  At the end was
quite a long list of files left for me to merge by hand.  This was
actually a surprise to me because I'd updated two boxes at work
earlier in the week and the largest number of file to update by hand
was only 2.

At any rate, because I was in single user mode, and hadn't started
mergemaster with something like, "mergemaster -i -a | tee
merge.output" or something (that's the small mistake that won't happen
again), I don't have the list of files to merge.

At any rate, with exception to rc.conf and /etc/ttys, I haven't
modified anything the system uses anyway.  Is there a way of
retrieving this list?  As a side note, in an effort to get this list
(via a pipe command such as the one above), I reran the mergemaster
command, but got a much different set of results.  Did I completely
eliminate any chance I had at getting them?

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