On 5/21/07, doug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
sendmail_enable="NO" means there is no sendmail daemon running. You can verify
this via "ps -aux | grep sendmail". Remove that statement. Without a reboot you
can start sendmail by cd /etc/mail;   make start.

Unless you have changed the freebsd.mc file and done a 'make install' I do not
believe sendmail will accept from any connections except except on
(localhost). This is what you want I think. If that's it as others have said,
there is no reason to use the hosts.allow mechanism. This is independent of the
jail environment.

   sockstat|grep sendmail

and you can see whats going on.

Not the case for me, having sendmail_enable="NO" and not having it in
rc.conf results in the same behavior. Here's sendmail rcvar output:

Without sendmail_enable in rc.conf:
# sendmail
# sendmail_submit
# sendmail_clientmqueue

With sendmail_enable="NO":
# sendmail
# sendmail_submit
# sendmail_clientmqueue

With sendmail_enable="NONE":
# sendmail
# sendmail_clientmqueue

So the first two are identical (I don't see why they wouldn't be). As
for the sendmail daemon, here's what grep tells me after the server is

[EMAIL PROTECTED] [/]# ps -aux | grep sendmail
smmsp 16473  0.0  0.1  3384  2276  ??  IsJ   4:47PM   0:00.00
sendmail: Queue [EMAIL PROTECTED]:30:00 for /var/spool/clientmqueue (sendmail
root  20951  0.0  0.1  3484  2480  ??  SsJ   5:37PM   0:00.00
sendmail: accepting connections (sendmail)
root  21303  0.0  0.0  1592   912  pn  S+J   5:37PM   0:00.00 grep sendmail

And here's sockstat output:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] [/]# sockstat -l4
root     sendmail   20951 4  tcp4   <ip>:25       *:*
root     syslogd    45182 6  udp4   <ip>:514      *:*
root     sshd       60371 3  tcp4   <ip>:22       *:*

As you can see, sendmail is happily listening for all incoming
connections with the "NO" setting. If it would only listen on
localhost, then that would be the end of my problems. However,
remember that the jail environment doesn't have localhost. In other
words does not refer to the jail. Loopback for me is the
server's wan ip (hey that rhymes :), which is why I think that not
having may be confusing to sendmail.

- Max
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