On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 10:37, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> pkg_info will tell you what you want to know about any currently
> installed port. eg:

Thanks....but, that sort-of worked.

I did the pkg_info -R on apache - it tells me that mod_php requires it.

So then I to pkg_info -R on mod_php...it returns blank information:

==>bash-2.05b$ pkg_info -R mod_php4-4.2.3
==>Information for mod_php4-4.2.3:
==>bash-2.05b$ pkg_info -R php4-4.2.3
==>Information for php4-4.2.3:

So I'm still stuck...i have no idea why PHP/mod_php was installed
(although I know know why Apache was installed)

Any other suggestions? I don't want to delete these and then break
something - at the same time I don't like installing software that I'm
not using...

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