On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 06:23:29PM -0700, Andriy Babiy wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> To upgrade xorg, I followed the procedure described in 
> the /usr/ports/UPDATING file. The build went smooth, without any build 
> errors. At the merge step, the script complained about mime.info files, so 
> I made backup copy of those and deleted the duplicates.
> But after reboot I cannot start X. On that machine, I use xfce4. When I 
> issue startxfce4, I receive messages that modules kbd, mouse, and mga 
> haven't been found.
> During the build I didn't see any errors; presumably, it's a configuration 
> error. Could you advise me on where I should look for an error?
> It's i386 machine, with 6.2 stable. The Xorg.0.log file is enclosed. Errors 
> are at the end pf the file.
> Thank you very much in advance!

Hard to guess without the information requested in UPDATING, but it
could be that you don't have the complete xorg installed (i.e. missing

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