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On 5/19/07, Denis Fortin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am trying to set up a backup server, using a combination of internal
> and external (USB) disk drives.
> How can I manage the mapping of USB disk drives to device names?  i.e.
> USB drives get assigned device names like da0, da1, da2... when they are
> detected.  But if one of the drives fails or is not powered up, all
> other ones will get bumped down one in the list next time I reboot.
> The problem is that if I automatically "mount /dev/da0a
> /archive/volume1", "mount /dev/da1a /archive/volume2", etc. I run the
> risk of having the wrong disk being mounted on a mount point !?!
> Is there an obvious solution that I'm missing, or a canonical workaround
> to this problem?

when you newfs a drive use the -L flag to give it a label like
'VOLUME1' then if you load the geom_label module that drive becomes
availble under /dev/ufs/VOLUME1

Or, if instead of fdisk, you
# glabel label disk0 da0
# bsdlabel -w label/fancy0
# newfs -U label/fancy0a
# mount /dev/label/fancy0a /bla

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