Maxim Khitrov wrote:

I'm not sure I understand what you mean... I'm not using inetd, and
the default configuration doesn't block sendmail from all remote
hosts. The ssh server is running all by itself, same as sendmail. The
way I understand it is that as long as the server was compiled with
tcp wrappers, it should follow the rules in hosts.allow.

Sendmail is different from other network apps in that it does not block the connection when a deny rule is in effect, instead it send some kind of reject code (5xx) during the SMTP conversation.

If you check /var/log/maillog you may well see this happening.

If you search the mail archives (or try google) with some appropriate keywords then you should find a post from Matthew Seaman which explains it in detail You could also search the source code, if you are somewhat C literate.

If you want to completely block connections from specific hosts (or only allow specific hosts) then I would suggest doing that with firewall rules.

Didn't follow the start of the thread very closely so I hope I got the right end of the stick.


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