> I have installed Spamaassassin along with amavisd-new to filter spam, but
> I don't think it is working. I am getting a bunch of spam and spamassassin
> is not tagging it as spam. I have the score set at 3.0. It worked before
> on my old box but when I installed it on a new box using the same
> procedure I used on the old box it is not working. Anyone have any ideas?

I have about 1000 of ideas, so we need to narrow down the problem.

First thing would be to tell us if SpamAssassin is working at all or
not: are the messages tagged by SA but all are under 3.0 or they are
not tagged at all?

Did you try to run a message throught SA by hand, using the command
spamassassin? Are you running SA daemon, do you have spamd running?
Did you try to feed a message to spand?

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