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> My first though was to rebuild, but I've done that twice now, once by
> just rebuilding php5 and php5-extentions, and once trying portupgrade
> -rR php5-2.2.  I re-read the docs on portupgrade, as far as I can
> tell, my command line should have rebuilt everything php5 related
> in my whole tree.

you may have to add -f to make sure it gets rebuilt even if it doesnt have to -
portupgrade wont upgrade a package to the same version otherwise.

btw, it seems you are having some problems with the symbols defined / used by
php5-gd or gd libraries themselves. If i were you, i'd uninstall php5-gd,
verify everything else works , and then focus on the gd issue. a force rebuild
of gd and its depending libraries should do the trick.


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