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> >    I've noticed also that Ctrl-Alt-F1 (through to F6) doesn't change back 
> > to a non-X      >   terminal anymore...     
> I second that.


do you have alternative layouts in your xkb / xorg config? 

does alt work for other tasks, like Alt-Tab? (it does for me if I remove the
different keyboard layouts).

FWIW, i just remembered than when I just upgraded to xorg7.2, i had to
reconfigure xfce to allow me to drag windows using the alt key... it used to be
called 'alt' before, now it works when I set the option in xfce to Mod4 

(which is interesting, because xbindkeys has always seen my left alt as mod4,
even before 7.2)

i'll have a play with this when i can...
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