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> Since today a server is rebooting after some minutes of uptime with
> the following error:
> mode = 0100600, inum=566528, fs=/hsphere
> panic: ffs_valloc: dup_alloc
> cpuid=1
> boot() called on cpu#1
> Cannot dump: No dump device defined.
> iir0: Flushing [...]
> Anyone an idea what causes that reboot?

Even with a dump, it could be hard to determine.  Without it, fairly
unlikely to prove conclusively.

Make sure that your filesystems are clean with a thorough fsck on
boot.  Also try to rule out hardware problems; specifically memory
and the disk itself.

You didn't mention the version of FreeBSD you're running (normally a
"uname -a" is useful in a tech support message), but updating it might
help.  The iir driver has not had any major improvements in a year or
so, but those changes look important.
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