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Heinrich Rebehn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This is weird! A program that is supposed to show the *status* of 
> installed ports should never arbitrarily *remove* ports. 

I agree that is not clear why it is removing ports without warning. 

> I consider this 
> a severe bug. Luckily, this was on a server system where X11 is not 
> crucial. I really don't want to imagine the hassle i would have had if 
> portmanager had removed exim or apache or samba or ...

I think the chances of that ever happening are pretty low - do you think any of
them would get removed from ports?  The fact that xorg-manpages was being
orphaned is clearly documented in kris@ entry in ports/UPDATING.

the solution is simple, dont use that tool , at least in the form you are using

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